Shots Fired #27

Here we go again.

Project updates:

Not Bad

Townhall notes:

  • Alex talks about selling his clone for “speaking defi words and stuff”, while deep faking his work-out.

  • Niran updates us on the DAO Rush Week; preparations, how to make it successful, some KPIs etc. - starting next week, 20+ events so far. Submit a pitch slide & the event name by the end of today.

  • RSVP to some of the events here, attend at least 2-3 events if you’re a true cartelean.

  • Some more discussion about the Moloch v2 migration proposal and being responsible by hodling some stablecoins or Sets.

  • James shares about on his New Zealand DAO experiment, gathering officials and big CEOs. Successful but slow, as it tends to be with working with old systems.

  • Peter shares his idea:

  • Jonathan, Yalor & others like it very much.

  • Juliana shares some experience & frustrations with building MetaGammaDelta. In short, asking for only $10 to join expectedly gets you more people but less funds to work with. The frustrating bit is the amount of handholding required.

  • We talk a bit about how we sometimes get worried about legal implications, but then we remember Alex (the human ICO) exists.

  • We share some thought about increasing activity and measuring success of DAOs, concluding voter turnout is actually not a very good metric.

  • We comment on the first paid role proposals up in the voting period, nothing to say but “awesome, people finally getting paid to work in the MetaCartel”

  • We spend 10 minutes jotting down ideas for DAOs we could incubate. There is a page full of ideas in a GDoc, but you don’t get to see it if you’re not a member 🤷‍♂️

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