Buttholes #6

Some people complained that every time they received the “Bulletholes”, they saw “Buttholes”…

  • In order to accommodate their expectations, the newsletter is now called:

    • Buttholes

Jk, I’ll figure something out.

Actually in the news:

Yeah, quiet on the surface ;)

Thanks for your attention,

Bulletholes #5

Damage dealt:

Thank you for your attention,


Bulletholes #4

What’s done is done:


That be all my frens;
keep it cool,


MetaCartel' Bulletholes 1#

Shots fired...

Here’s a single link:

Wasn’t there more news?

  • Dunno…

A Reminder

To the members of MetaCartel DAO:

  • This is your newsletter.

  • It being your newsletter, you should feed it news.

What kind of a newsletter needs it’s news fed to it?!

  • A free and easily scalable one.

    • The person writing it has tributed ETH to be a part of the MetaCartel DAO, just like you.

Help him continue this,

by either or:

  • Dropping your news in our newsletter chat

  • Sending it directly to pethereum@outlook.com

Thank you,


Bulletholes #2

Here’s wassup:

  • Not much.

  • Not gonna write about what happened at Devcon as it’s beyond the scope of this newsletter and because a) you’ve been there yourself, or b) you’re sick of hearing about it.

  • Have this Relearning to DAO article written by one of our Jamess

  • If you’re not far from Denver, you should come to this “DAOs and leaders” meetup next week.

  • If you’re interested in how to make DAOs sustainable, drop by our forums.

Have a nice week,


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