Shots Fired #27

Here we go again.

Project updates:

Not Bad

Townhall notes:

  • Alex talks about selling his clone for “speaking defi words and stuff”, while deep faking his work-out.

  • Niran updates us on the DAO Rush Week; preparations, how to make it successful, some KPIs etc. - starting next week, 20+ events so far. Submit a pitch slide & the event name by the end of today.

  • RSVP to some of the events here, attend at least 2-3 events if you’re a true cartelean.

  • Some more discussion about the Moloch v2 migration proposal and being responsible by hodling some stablecoins or Sets.

  • James shares about on his New Zealand DAO experiment, gathering officials and big CEOs. Successful but slow, as it tends to be with working with old systems.

  • Peter shares his idea:

  • Jonathan, Yalor & others like it very much.

  • Juliana shares some experience & frustrations with building MetaGammaDelta. In short, asking for only $10 to join expectedly gets you more people but less funds to work with. The frustrating bit is the amount of handholding required.

  • We talk a bit about how we sometimes get worried about legal implications, but then we remember Alex (the human ICO) exists.

  • We share some thought about increasing activity and measuring success of DAOs, concluding voter turnout is actually not a very good metric.

  • We comment on the first paid role proposals up in the voting period, nothing to say but “awesome, people finally getting paid to work in the MetaCartel”

  • We spend 10 minutes jotting down ideas for DAOs we could incubate. There is a page full of ideas in a GDoc, but you don’t get to see it if you’re not a member 🤷‍♂️

Shots Fired #26

There are these things I want you to know...

What MetaCartel did:

Town Hall notes:

  • The mystery continues but the number of possible instigators shrinks.

  • Sachin introduces himself to the group, even though Matic has been one of the earliest supporters of MetaCartel.

  • How does one become the Paladin of MetaCartel? Besides having to ride on horseback across the world & having an IQ of over 6000, one actually really only needs to be interested in being useful then start being useful.

  • Peter apologizes for eating chicken and starts explaining what Summoners Monthly is. Tl;dr, a lot of people want to launch DAOs but don’t know how & what it’s like to run one, and there isn’t much content on it out there. So we’re changing that & helping people. Third Sunday every month, 6pm CEST.

  • Niran gave us a status update on DAO Rush Week, which is starting in ~10 days; attend or apply through the links above. We’re having a call to finalize everything next week then seeing you the week after.

  • Talked a bunch more about DAOHaus plans to raise $100k and becoming a fully sustainable projects, how it could play with Interspace v2 and whatnot.

  • MetaFactory partnering with more and more artists & what the next steps are.

  • MetaCartel Blood Dragon - a secret MetaCartel shitcoin tips exchange channel.

  • How to use AI to fool AI.

  • And last but not least, a life saving life-hack was shared:

“When taking a toast out of a toaster, don't use a metal knife or you'll get electrocuted.”
- Peter Pan

That should be all,

Shots Fired #25

There's more this time 😱

Here’s some of these:

What? There’s more?!
- Yep, the Townhall notes 🙃👇

Townhall Notes:

  • Our Townhall was infiltrated by - AGAIN. We have no idea who is sending this call-recording & note-taking bot, but we will find you, and we will… not kill you.

  • We all agreed Dragon Quest was a success, we had a ton of people completing bounties and we’ll be letting some of them inside the MetaCartel.

  • We welcomed our newest member, Abhimanyu.

  • We talked about introducing paid roles in the MetaCartel, for our people to stop burning out and the community to sustain their efforts.

  • Dekan gave us an overview of the latest DAOHaus/Pokemol commits & plans. Minions, custom themes, notification system, comments & forums integrations, badges, achievements, skills & building a DAOHaus DAO.

  • Hammad talked us through the latest MetaGame tokenomics & direction. How XP translates to Seeds, how Seeds are minted only through the bonding curve, how nesting personal tokens will create a web of trust and all of that.

  • We talked about the upcoming DAO Rush Week, and just DAOs generally. Who are the communities to adopt them, how we can help them, what tools still need to be built etc.

  • We talked about how we, as a grant giving organization, are able to focus on making impactful “investments”, because we don’t need to focus on ROI in as narrow of a sense as VCs. Success is many things besides money.

  • Then we talked about all the cool DAOs we funded & helped so far, and concluded we like supporting DAOs more than we like supporting dApps.
    More on this soon 😱

“People join for their individualistic desires, like networking opportunities; but then they get connected and start caring about the community and help it grow”

That’d be all 🙏,

Shots Fired #24

Thought we missed?

Yep yeah! We out here:

  • MetaFactory concluding a very successful sale. Last chance to grab a shirt & join.

  • MetaClan - The first crypto-native eSports clan - launches.

  • RaidGuild built & is now battle testing Moloch Minions! Minions add the ability automatically execute smart contracts after passing a proposal.

  • James announces Collab19 is now live!

  • Mintbase announces their DragonQuest winner. Good job, coderdan, on building the NFT based voting. Nate gets quoted on Coindesk.

  • TheGraph team launches Everest - a universal registry of crypto projects.

  • TeleFuel pushes up “shared workspaces”, amidst integrating Loft.Radio & opening the doors for more dapp integrations. - Have a suggestion? Drop in here.

  • Makoto publishes Staking for Higher Goals.

  • I published “Srsly tho, WTF is MetaGame”, finally actually nailing it.

  • MolochDAO open for proposals, ready to sacrifice your time?

  • Dragon Quest is ending tomorrow :o, here’s this Halftime Recap if you missed it.

  • RESET.EVERYTHING started today, be there.

Stay negative 😉,

Shots Fired #23

There’s these things:


  • Thank you for your support on Gitcoin grants! If you supported every MetaCartel project, come claim your achievement NFT!

  • Dragon Quest hackathon is in full swing with a bunch of people launching F12 DAOs through Discord. Join Dragon Quest.

Have a nice day :)
- peth

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